"Without a shadow of a doubt, engaging Jen as our wedding planner was the best decision we made throughout our entire wedding journey. We were drawn to Jen because of her beautifully styled weddings and glowing reviews, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more from her services. We were acutely aware that planning a 200-person, marquee wedding was not for the faint hearted but Jen absolutely rose to the occasion. The brief we initially gave Jen was to create an elegant, hydrangea filled, fairytale wedding, and quite simply, she turned out to be our fairy godmother in bringing it to life.

Every step of the way, Jen has been extremely organised, giving us gentle nudges when needed and endless guidance, hints and tips when making decisions. Jen has a unique ability in that she doesn’t have to shout, or be the loudest person in the room, to get things done. Her calm and quiet manner, coupled with her infinite patience and ability to say the right thing at the right time gave us confidence and reassurance throughout. This was particularly important when we had to postpone due to the pandemic, and she seamlessly navigated us through the chaos. As we approached the big day, Jen, Sam and their team were so professional, working tirelessly to ensure everything was just perfect. By the time of our wedding day, we joked that there should be a hashtag “#thankgodforjen” because those were the words we found ourselves repeating time and time again

We cannot thank Jen and Sam enough for their kindness, professionalism, hard-work, patience and friendship over the past 2 years and for giving us the fairytale wedding we had dreamed of. We will be forever grateful."



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