Six reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner – it’s a big decision, isn’t it? There’s a lot of wedding information out there, and you might even be thinking “but I don’t want someone else planning my special day.

That’s totally understandable and that’s hopefully where this blog can help.

Hi, I’m Jen and I specialise in classically elegant weddings for the modern romantic. Using a planner can help you to create the wedding of your dreams and can even help you enjoy the planning process, too!

Here are my six reasons why you should consider hiring some help in planning your perfect wedding.

1. Save time

For the average couple, it takes between 250-300 hours to plan a wedding. To put that into perspective, if you work full time, that’s around 7 weeks at work.

It goes without saying that hiring a planner saves an awful lot of time. Of course, that’s not time spent on the bits you’re dying to do, but the hours spent on tasks you’d rather not do.

We’re all busy people and it’s important not to let planning your wedding completely take over your down-time. After all, time is precious.

2. Less stress, more fun

This one is key: hiring a planner helps to take away the stress and can make wedding planning fun. Yes, fun!

Most couples plan a wedding for over a year so I think it’s important that you’re not stressed or overwhelmed by the process. With so much emphasis placed the day, enjoying the planning process is easily overlooked.

We all have strengths, weaknesses and time constraints. A planner can help with organisation, creative design – such as moodboards, wedmin or even all of the above.

And what’s more is we can do it to a level to suit you.

For example, I can take full ownership of the jobs my couples would rather not do, collaborate on tasks they’d like my expertise on or simply be their sounding board for their ideas. I play to their strengths and fill in any gaps.

Together, we can enjoy creating a timeless wedding that’s meaningful to you.


3. Bring your vision to life

Who’s in Pinterest Overload? It happens to all of us. With so many incredible ideas and trends out there, refining what inspires you can be a struggle and quite overwhelming. This is where I can help.

My weddings start with each couple and spending time to get to know you. I have a knack for reading between the lines. Picking up the subtle cues in your personalities. Detecting your style. I can draw out your vision even if you can’t place your finger on it yet.

Together, we can create that Pinterest-worthy wedding that beautifully encapsulates you both. One that your guests will be talking about for generations to come.


4. Save money

There’s a strong possibility that you’ve never planned a wedding before and you’re pretty new to the process.

Using a planner, you have an expert behind you to help sharpen up the process and help you save money in the long run.

Not only can I help with your bookings and purchases, but I can guide your decisions to help maximise your budget. I’ll ensure the important elements that will tell your unique love story that prioritised are accounted for. I’ll also advise you on where you can spend a little less but still achieve your desired effect.


5. A friend in your corner

Throughout your wedding planning, you’ll probably talk to your planner more than you will with some of your friends.

So as a planner I’m here to be your friend when you most need it. To be in your corner when you’re trying to keep everyone happy.

And to help you create the most incredible, personal wedding without the stress factor. It’s about telling your love story in your own unique way, and to me, that’s the ultimate in romance.


6. Time on your special day

When you envisage your big day, do you picture the first time you will see each other on the aisle? Or being totally immersed in every detail of the wedding speeches? Or even throwing shapes on the dancefloor with your closest friends and family? Who could blame you, those are moments that are adored forever.

In reality, weddings are events that require tight time management, so I’m sure you won’t be picturing holding a schedule and trying to co-ordinate suppliers which can sometimes be the case.

After spending time getting to know you and exactly your wedding vision, I will alleviate all of this stress and handle any unexpected eventualities, leaving you to rightfully enjoy every moment of your special day.



And those are my six reasons you should consider hiring a planner. Has timeless elegance and heartfelt romance captured your imagination? I offer a full or partial wedding planning service so why not get in touch to schedule a complimentary discovery call? I look forward to seeing if we’re a perfect match.

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