JL’s Ultimate Countdown Planner: Part Two


We’ve reached the middle of your planning journey…

It’s been said that planning a wedding is rather like a running marathon. By now, you may be starting to agree.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with how much needs to be done, don’t panic – you’ve got this! My three-part ultimate countdown planner is to help you pace yourself and ensure you are reaching milestones in good time.

In this second instalment, I share my top tips on when to get key components finalised before starting to move on to your finishing touches. So grab a cuppa – or even a glass of fizz – and enjoy!

(If you haven’t already, it may be worth reading my part one to this mini series first.)

6 months to go

Your half way check-point

 5-3 months to go

The Countdown Begins


I hope you’ve enjoyed part two of my ultimate countdown planner. In my next instalment, I’ll be covering the final months and days before your special day!

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