Discovering your Wedding Day Style

“ We’re engaged!”

If these two words are happily ringing in your ears and you still feel a little squealy as you break your wonderful news to friends, family and quite possibly, anyone you happen to come into contact with, then continue enjoying this incredible milestone!

The rush of excitement, the cherished celebrations with loved ones, the bliss of living in your own bubble and just simply being madly in love with your new fiancé are moments to savour for as long as you can.

When the dust settles and questions turn to what type of wedding you plan to have, it can all of a sudden dawn on you that there’s a huge amount of planning to do to go from being engaged to a married couple.

You may have envisaged every little detail of your wedding day since you were a child. However, when it actually comes to it, your budget and tastes or wishes of some of your nearest and dearest can have an impact on this.

Alternatively, you may have a million competing ideas or simply not even know where to start. This is totally OK, too!

Whichever applies to you is fine. Fear not, there is a way to help manage this to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. It lies in creating a clear sense of what you want your wedding day style to be: your wedding vision.

Once you have gone through this process, making the other decisions becomes a lot easier and other things fall into place naturally – trust us on that!

Here are our four ways to help discover your wedding day style.

1. Decide your priorities

With your partner, the best place to start is to reflect on what represents you as a couple:

Are you modern and prefer touches of glamour? Are you relaxed and enjoy spending time in more natural settings? Are you traditional and like things to be kept formal? Or are you laid back, all about the fun and simply having a good time?

Once you’ve taken the time to reflect on what type of couple you are, then you can consider what aspects of your day are a priority for you:

Perhaps you are foodies that want an incredible culinary experience? Perhaps you want a venue that has an incredible view or steeped in family history? Perhaps it’s all about flowers and the visual decoration? Or perhaps you want entertainment that’s going to wow your guests from start to finish?

There are so many choices and things to consider, its important you take the time (without the influence of others) to decide what your priorities for your special day are. When you have a concise and precise list, it makes it far easier to communicate these with suppliers and family members to help ensure you’re all pushing in the same direction and ideas are contained to your vision.

See it as your ‘wedding brief’! The result is a wedding day that all your guests feel is you, through and through – and those are always the most beautiful and memorable weddings.


2: Use online moodboards

Never before has there been so many resources at our fingertips! Social media is incredibly helpful to start identifying what you like and dislike. If you haven’t already, set up a Pinterest account and create a joint board that you and your fiancé can pin to. If you use Instagram, you can set up a saved folder and compare these too.

Start by searching phrases from your list of priorities and start saving anything which you like. You will begin to see a pattern of what you’re saving and start jotting down notes on any repetitive themes you’re spotting. This can relate to colours, flowers, venues, outfits, entertainment – anything at all!

A word of caution though, it’s important you keep in mind your budget. It’s very easy to get carried away with some of the images you see. Sure, Harry & Meghan’s floral archway was absolutely breath-taking, but try to focus more on the components that you adore rather than replicating what you find in your search.


 3. Go old-school with Bridal Magazines

3: Go old-school with bridal magazines

Invest in some bridal magazines and enjoy flicking through with a cuppa. The journalists who write for these usually have their fingers on the pulse and know what to predict in trends, so they have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share which can be inspiring.

You can create a scrapbook of cuttings to go alongside your digital moodboards and try to ensure these cuttings stay true to you as a couple and work with your list of priorities.

Once you’re happy you have plenty of inspiration digitally and in your scrapbooks (you may want to set a deadline on this), set aside time to discuss your top three things that you both agree are essential to have on your day.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be laborious so make a fun evening of it! Perhaps get a bottle of bubbly and your favourite take away in and cherish this part of the process. Once you have made your list of priorities and essentials, you will begin sharing this with a wider group of family, friends and suppliers, so enjoy this last part of the process being just the two of you!


 4. If you feel lost, ask for guidance

4: If you feel lost, ask for guidance

So maybe you and your fiancée are on different wave lengths and you can’t agree. Or perhaps you’re extremely undecisive and there are different sides to your personality which are competing for the wedding theme. This can happen and don’t panic, you can work through it!

Think of a friend you trust and ask for their views on a few ideas you’re having but remember that it’s important you go with your gut instinct and what feels right for you.

Alternatively, a planner can often hone in on things you don’t necessarily realise about yourself and will have lots of ideas to bounce with you. Sometimes a little guidance is all you need to get going!



Taking the time to get your vision right – your ‘wedding brief’ – will help ensure you have a day that’s perfect for you. It’s one of the most important days of your life and having the bigger picture clear will help the rest of your decision making and naturally make it a lot easier, even if that feels a million miles away at the moment!

Injecting some fun into the planning process and ensuring the vision is about the two of you will help ensure the elements of your special day come together beautifully and harmoniously – when this is the case, you’ll look back on your wedding day with a puff of pride and the fondest memories.

If you’re newly engaged and you feel like you could benefit from our Pre-Wedding Planning services, why not get in touch? We offer bespoke packages to suit you. Visit Our Services for more information or email Jen if you have a wedding you’d like to discuss.

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